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Digital Media: An Analysis

When any business starts to look at itself through the eyes of the consumer, the outlook on where new ventures or new takes on old ventures is endless. Whirlpool decided to change how they interacted with their consumer.

"Whirlpool's 'Every day, care' effort struck a chord with consumers who appreciated the inherent authenticity of the brand's new approach." How a company makes a consumer feel is more important to that consumer. They become loyal consumers, they share their experiences and will provide that business with new consumers.

#EVERYDAYCARE was created. If you log into Facebook or Instagram and type that hashtag into the search bar (or even on Google), you will be hit with thousands of results. Whirlpool has over 1.1 million followers on Facebook and 16.1 thousand on Instagram. One post on Twitter showed a consumer that had their Whirlpool refrigerator for 50 years. How many products can you say you have had for 50 years?

I think Whirlpool hit the nail on the head with this campaign. When you involve your consumer and take a consumer view, you can't lose. No one wants to do dishes, provide an opportunity for the consumer to showcase their chores and how they handle them.

Whirlpool has another interesting campaign going right now #choreclub. They are putting children in the spotlight using their products and giving ideas on how to make chores more fun and learning how to do them in a way that is educational and in the words of my own 12 year old, "not sucky".


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